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To our friends, family and valued shareholders,

Welcome to Aflac's hub of environmental, social and governance data. This hub is where you will learn how Aflac's leadership, corporate culture, and business practices are driven by shared values of integrity, open communication and accountability. It is also where you will see how we live out our commitment to making positive impact on the lives of our policyholders and co-workers and in our communities.

Aflac launches one-stop shop for all things ESG

Our CEO Dan Amos puts it best when he says Aflac is not just a great company, but a good one, too. Those aren't just words. That sentiment is backed up by more than $140 million in funding for pediatric cancer research and treatment.

For more than six decades, Aflac has provided innovative products and services in the supplemental insurance space. Longevity that impressive cannot be achieved without forward-thinking leadership that is continually identifying areas of improvement, researching possibility and implementing positive change both for consumers and employees — all while never losing sight of the company's core values.

I've given you just a hint of what you will find here on the Aflac ESG Hub. There is so much more. Our hope is that this transparent community of our processes, performance, strategies and accomplishments will instill confidence in all who visit here. We want everyone to see that Aflac is a socially and environmentally responsible corporation and one that conducts its business with integrity.

Because that's Aflac, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.

Catherine Hernandez-Blades

Senior Vice President, Chief ESG and Communications Officer
Aflac Incorporated

In this document, we may refer to Aflac Incorporated's businesses collectively as "Aflac" or the "Company," the Company's U.S. businesses as "Aflac U.S." and the Company's Japan businesses as "Aflac Japan."